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Cape Town City is the legislative capital of South Africa and the capital of the Western Province. The city lies at the northern end of the Cape Peninsula, some 50km at its southernmost boundary north of the Cape of Good Hope. It is considered the site of the very first European settlement in South Africa and because of this it is affectionately nicknamed ‘Mother City’.

It was established by Dutch colonies in 1652 as a rest stop for Dutch East India Company ships trading along the Spice Route.

It has a beautiful setting: parts of the city and its suburbs wind about the steep slopes of Table Mountain (3,563 feet [1,086 metres] high) and neighbouring peaks and rim the shores of Table Bay; other parts lie on the flats below the slopes or stretch southward across the flats to False Bay. The city covers an area of 116 square miles (300 square kilometres).

What is Cape Town known for?

Cape Town exports mainly gold, diamonds and fruits. The city is also famous for the Cape winelands which is the largest exporter in the Western Cape province. With one of the world’s largest dry docks, ship repairing is an important industry in Cape Town.

Cape Town Nightlife

Cape Town offers a variety of activities for all ages to enjoy. The nightlife is fantastic and the choices range from sweaty electronic music dance floors, open-air beer gardens, comedy nights, live music gigs from jazz to rap and hybrid events. Bar hopping is quite popular here and Long Street has many options where you could do this.

Here are the most popular joints to have a great time in Cape Town:

  • Arcade, City Bowl

Super popular with the cool kids and has seats spilling out onto the streets. It gives an urban feeling with great vibes, good food, a well-stocked bar and DJ desk.

  • Banana Jam, Kenilworth 

This Caribbean-themed restaurant is very popular among the locals, with great food offers- from jerk chicken to goat curry. It has more than 30 beers on tap and more than 80 bottled. It has one of the best rum collections as well. There is a cocktail happy hour every day from 5-6 pm.

  • Beerhouse, City Bowl 

With no less than 99 bottled beers from 13 different countries and over 25 taps for everything from pints to tasters, this is the beer-lovers utopia.

If you are in for a rather subdued night away from the buzz in the city, here are the best spots to enjoy live music:

  • Alma Cafe 

This showcases both established musicians and newcomers, with a wide range of music styles.

  • The Piano Bar

Enjoy live soul, jazz, blues and funk from new artists and professionals every night. It is a great place to relax with a wraparound terrace and a fireplace to cater for visits even during the cold weather.

  • The Waiting Room 

Live music by local artists and themed club nights are the major highlight here. This two-level rooftop bar offers great views and has emphasis on folk, soul and funky jazz. Live music is played from Tuesday through Thursday.

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