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Escorts From North West

Escorts from North West

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This province is located in the north-central part of South Africa. Mafikeng is the capital city of this province. The major cities in this province are; Potchefstroom, Rustenburg, Klerksdorp, and Brits. Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp are the largest cities in the province.

North West province is known as the Platinum province because of the platinum deposits found underground. Rustenburg and Brits are the main platinum mining areas. It is also the largest producer of platinum in the world.

Platinum mining has created a lot of job opportunities for the people in this province. Other minerals mined in North West province include gold, fluorspar, marble, diamond, and granite.

It is also South Africa’s own Texas as it has the largest cattle herd in the country, at Stellaland.

Crop farming is another economic activity practiced in Rustenburg and Brits. The crops produced are peanuts, citrus fruits, wheat, maize and sunflowers. Sunflowers and maize are the most popular crops and in addition, the province is the largest producer of white maize in South Africa.

North West province residents are mostly Black Africans, in particular the Tswana people. The other communities found in the province in small numbers are Xhosa, Afrikaners and Sotho. The languages spoken are Setswana, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa and English as a second language. Most of the people are Christians.

North West Nightlife

North West province is an entertaining province with nightclubs to help you unwind over a glass of wine or mampoer and start dancing in the middle of the night to the tunes played by the DJ of the night. These clubs include;

  • Impala Potchefstroom in Potchefstroom
  • Goodfellas nightclub in Klerksdorp.
  • Boere Bar in Potchefstroom.
  • Fires restaurant and pub in Rustenburg.
  • Tusk Bar and Lounge in Sun City

The Aardklop National Arts Festival in Potchefstroom is held annually in September. It is a festival filled with Afrikaans theatre performances, music and dance. If you are in the province at that time head out to the festival and embrace the Afrikaans culture.

Massage in North West

In the Tswana community, massages were traditionally for pregnant women to help with delivery. The massage was done by a midwife to also return the womb to its normal position after delivery. This massage was done by hand and with no supplementary oils. In modern times, massage parlours in this province practice western styles like hydrotherapy which helps in treating diseases like Arthritis, Headaches, Colds, Stress, Joint and muscles pain, Sleeping disorders, as well as Stomach problems.

With the recent technological developments, it is also easy to book freelance masseurs online.

Dating and marriage in North West

In present times, polygamy and arranged marriages are uncommon and have been taken over by serial monogamy. Keeping of concubines has also been adapted. Girls were traditionally taken to bojale to learn about womanhood while men were taken to bogwera to learn about being a man. After this, for a woman to be chosen to be a man’s bride she has to have Beauty, Education, Good family background and Botho which is good manners.

Patlo is the process of identifying a wife for a man and sending a representative to propose to the woman.

Prostitution in North West

Commercial sex work is practiced in the province. The women who join this work do it to earn a source of income or pay for higher education. The sex hotspots include the universities during parties or music festivals or on the streets. Apart from these, you can also hookup with escorts in Limpopo at track stops, parks, and Main Street.

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