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Limpopo province is located in the northeast part of South Africa. It was previously called the Northern Province. Polokwane is the capital city of the province. The languages spoken in this province are English, Venda, Sepedi, Afrikaans and Tsonga. Apart from its capital other major cities are; Tzaneen, Musina, Lephalale, Thabazimbi, Bela-bela, and Makhado.

The population in Limpopo is mostly made up of Black Africans from the following communities; Venda, Pedi and Tsonga. Afrikaners make up most of the White community in the province.

What Limpopo is known for?

Limpopo is known as the bread and fruit basket of South Africa. This is because the province produces 60 percent of the wheat, fruits, maize, cotton and vegetables in the country. The fruits include mangoes, litchis, pineapples, bananas and pawpaws. Tea, coffee, nuts and sunflowers are also cultivated. Most of these farmers are Black South Africans.

Mining is also a popular economic activity in the province. Minerals such as iron ore, tin, coal, platinum, copper and chromite are mined from Limpopo.  Mineral reserves like mica, emeralds, vermiculite, scheelite, magnetite, silicon and gold are in this province. The largest platinum group reserve is found in Limpopo.

Limpopo Nightlife

Limpopo is alive at night with drinks overflowing and local music playing. These are some of the clubs you can visit for good nighttime entertainment in Limpopo;

  • Vans Sports Bar
  • Gambler’s Saloon
  • Six Miles North Saloon
  • Howick’s Pub & Grill
  • Blue Moon Club
  • Upstairs Pool & Sports Bar

The mampoer is a favourite drink in this province. The moonshine is made from peaches and is enjoyed in clubs in Limpopo. The marula beer is made from the marula tree and is found in the rural area of the province. It is known as ubuganu or mokhope. Limpopo men believe that the beer cures erectile dysfunction.

Dating and marriage in Limpopo

The Venda community practices polygamy. There is no exact number of maximum wives, and polygamy is determined by the amount of wealth a man has. Cross cousin unions are allowed in this community meaning that cousins from a mother or father’s sibling are allowed to marry. This is a preferred union in the community.

Children are taken to cultural initiation schools to learn how to be suitable marriage partners for their significant other. Girls pass through these three stages to be eligible for marriage; vhusha, tshikanda and domba while boys pass through the thondo to be eligible for marriage. Arranged marriages are the norm among the Venda people in Limpopo.

Lake Fundudzi at the Soutpansberg mountains is a sacred place for the Venda people. They believe that the White Python who is the god of fertility and zwidutwane which are mythical water spirits resides there.

Traditional massage in Limpopo

The Himalayan salt stone massage is a massage ritual practiced in this province which originated from the Eastern part of the world. It uses a pink Himalayan salt mined in Pakistan at the Himalayan mountains. It helps in;

  • Detoxifying your body
  • Exfoliating skin
  • Neutralizes bacteria due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
  • Adds about 84 minerals including iron that will boost your immune system.
  • Balance restoration of the body

Prostitution in Limpopo

Sex work in this province is rampant in the following cities; Musina, Tzaneen, Makhado and Hoedspruit. Women enter into this business to support themselves and their families. Their work is dangerous and marred with rape and sexual assault. Commercial sex work is a dangerous job in this province since there is no safety net for the sex workers. As a result, call girls and rent men prefer to operate from the safety of their homes, through the help of technology.

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