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Exotic South Africa Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic South Africa Frequently Asked Questions

Exotic South Africa is a premier escort listing directory synonymous with incredibly beautiful escorts. Exotic escorts offer top-notch sensual services across South Africa.

Exotic South Africa offers an advertising space to individuals who intend to offer or are already offering escort services across South Africa. Do you want to join Exotic South Africa and are being held back by certain unanswered questions? This article is here to make sure that all your most important questions are answered.

Below are some of the Exotic South Africa FAQs:

Question: What is the minimum age for the individual intending to join Exotic South Africa?

Answer: The standard age of majority in South Africa is 18 years. The proof of attainment of age of majority is the South African National Identification Card.  The card is issued after the attainment of the age of majority. In its absence, a police abstract indicating that the said individual had acquired, subsequently lost it, and is, during the time between awaiting its replacement can also suffice.

Question: Can a foreigner join Exotic South Africa as an escort?

Answer: Yes indeed, a foreigner with a permit to live and work in South Africa can join Exotic  as an escort. A South African work permit is usually valid for 1 year and in some special cases 6 months. So make sure your work permit is still valid by the time you are applying to join Exotic South Africa.

Question: Does Exotic South Africa determine how much an escort charges a client?

Answer: The discretion to say how much a client should pay for the escort services lies with the escorts themselves. An escort sets charges according to the category they find themselves in and  the class of the escort service the client is ordering.

Question: Can I be discreet while on Exotic South Africa?

Answer: We provide ourselves as having the best Internet privacy measures among escort directories. We have put in place measures which ensure that individual secrecy is observed to the best levels. The escort directory admin is always at your disposal to guide you through on how to remain discreet.

Question: Is Exotic South Africa a pimping agency?

Answer: Not at all. Exotic South Africa is only a directory that offers advertisement space for those individuals offering escort services or intending to do so.

Question: Is sex involved?

Answer: Escorts offer services which are legal in South Africa including sex. Prostitution in South Africa was recently decriminalized; which means an escort can offer sex as part of a sensual services.

Nevertheless, Exotic South Africa leaves escort services provided at the sole discretion of the escort on the direction. Thus, whatever happens between an escort and a client is none of Exotic South Africa’s business. That is the reason, for you to join Exotic South Africa, you must be a person within the legal age limit and of sound mind.

We hope you have had sufficient clarification. For more information about how to join Exotic South Africa, contact our sales admin through the below social media channels:

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